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Non dairy creamer

Time:2016-02-25 13:49

Non dairy creamer also known as coffee mate, has good water solubility, much more cream and polydispersity, can form steady liquid cream in the water. Non dairy creamer(coffee mate) can improve the internal structure of food,increase aroma and fat,make the taste fine and smooth, so it is a good mate for coffee products. Non Dairy Creamer can be used for the deployment of a wide variety of milk tea, instant cereal, cakes, biscuits and so on.

Advantage of non dairy creamer

With good dispersion and solubility.

Enhance the dissolving of milk powder.

Higher sodium caseinate,provide better price.

Can use lactose as a carrier,more suitable for formula milk powder.

non dairy creamer

Main Application of non dairy creamer:

Healthy non dairy creamer for Coffee:

To improve the color of coffee, and increase the whiteness.

To restrain the bitter taste of coffee and cover up any bad odors .

To soft coffee taste, improve smooth degree .

To make coffee more appealing. 

Product after spray-dried process have better solubility.

        Apply to  different types of coffee, don't  have white point and layers.

Healthy non dairy creamer for milk tea:

To improve the color of tea, and make it has a glitter like silk. 

To restraint bitterness of tea and to cover up any bad odors.

To provide pure natural milk aroma, do not add artificial flavors.

To make smooth mouthfeel, full-bodied taste.

Healthy non dairy creamer for bakery food:

To improve the organizational structure of bakery products.

To make a exquisite , mellow, strong milk taste.

To improve the physical properties of dough and enhance the operational performance.

To prevent the aging of bakery products, extend the shelf-life.

Healthy non dairy creamer for ice cream:

To enhance the expansion rate for the ice-cream and cold foods.

To improve the cold products’ ability of keeping shape and anti-melting.

To enhance the whiteness of cold products to make it has more milk texture.

Specifications of non dairy creamer:

Product Type Non Dairy Creamer
Certification HACCP, ISO, QS
Shelf Life 18 months
Application Coffee, milk tea, Ice cream,Confection(Candy,Cholocate,Bakery,cereal),Drinks
Main Ingredient Glucose syrup, Hydrogenated vegetable Oil, Whey protein, Sodium Caseinate, Stabilizer, Emulsifier, Anti-caking agent, Edible Colorant, Edible Essence.
Type Application  Fat content Protein content  suitable model
Coffee 20-35% 0-3% K70,K90,80A,K30
Milk tea 20-35% 0-3% 90A,80A,80E,K35
Ice cream 20-32% 1-5% 32A,80A,80E,NC5
Confection 20-35% 0-5% K70,80A,80E,90A
Drinks 20-35% 1-5% K90,32A,80A,80E

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