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Fruit juice powder

Time:2016-02-22 16:50

Best selling fruit juice powder

Our fruit juice powder is aromatic flavor,good solubility,no sediment and has pure mouthfeel and obivous feature.There is no mix odor.In the production line of powder,Boduo use the package and slow release technology,and add natural elements and kinds of vitamin.The product is one of the best sales fruit powdr in home.

Method to use: Drink after solution with hot water 1:9 (powder : water) 

Shelf Life:  Product can be kept in the unopened package for 12 months, if stored in a cool, dry, away from strong odors and direct sunlight place

Top quality fruit juice powder

QS, ISO approval.

Healthy fruit juice powder.

Typical taste and stable quality.

Easy operation in beverage making.

All Kinds Of fruit juice powder

NO Flavor
1 Strawberry
2 Blueberry
3 Mango
4 Taro
5 Vanilla
6 Pawpaw
7 Pineapple
8 Coconut
9 Grape
10 Lemon
11 Orange
12 Banana
13 Green apple
14 Watermelon
15 Lychee
16 Honey peach
17 Honey-dew melon
18 Peanut
19 Rose
20 Chocolate
21 Pudding
22 Tetiao matcha
23 Hantian matcha
24 Grass Jelly
25 Smoothie
26 Tetiao cocoa

Specifications of fruit juice powder

Product Fruit flavor powder
Color: (Be determined by the taste of the product)
Shelf life: 12 Months
Main Ingredient: Glucose, Non Dairy Creamer, Food Additives, Edible Essence.
Storage : Keep in cool and dry area, away from direct sunlight
Packaging 1KG
MOQ: 50cartons
Application: Milk tea, drinks
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Sample Lead Time:  With a week
Production Lead Time: Usually 30 Days

Fruit juice powder supplier

Hangzhou Jiahe food Co., Ltd, specialized in non dairy creamer, fruit flavor powder, fruit concentrated juice, fruit jam, popping boba, syrup and other bubble tea material. All our products are ISO and QS approved, with good quality and competitive price. We have more than 2000 bubble tea chainstores. We are pleased to add you to our list of clients and looking forward to your enquiries. Kindly contact us if any questions.

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