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How Long Can Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder Be Kept

Time:2016-02-25 15:13

Storage life and freshness are two different things.

Fresh coffee beans just baking will begin to exhaust gas (mainly carbon dioxide), the first two or three days discharge the most and last about a week. When gas completely discharged, the coffee beans will slowly go downhill in flavor, and this process usually need two weeks to three weeks. In other words, roasted coffee beans enjoy the taste of the best period from the third day of the start to the fourth week.

Coffee beans are all operating by the central baking mode, it need a week shortest to the dealer hand, but the industry average delivery time is two months, while the storage life of coffee beans is usually one year to 18 months.

In 1999, specialty coffee association of American (SCAA) adopt the definition of "fresh roasted coffee" strictly : no matter what packaging method, coffee beans must be the brewing after baking 3 to 7 days, and must immediately brewing after grinding into powder. 

Because fresh coffee beans will change slowly in the process, after a long time testing, most people can also accept fresh beans in one month, still feel good to drink even in 45 days in winter.

How long can coffee beans and coffee powder be kept?

In fact,it depending on the individuals requirements of people, based on the people's sensitivity to smell and taste for difference people, how many people can taste coffee beans in one week or two weeks, or the difference intwo weeks and one month. Therefore, as long as you know how to keep the coffee beans, a month is generally acceptable period.

The duration of the coffee powder is very short. After grinding into powder, oxidation will be accelerated due to the increase of surface area. The aroma and flavor will be lost in a minutes.But for many people, coffee powder is a convenient choice.

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