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Brazil Orange and Concentrated Juice Market Forecast Report

Time:2016-01-21 15:40

Recently, the U.S. Agriculture Department released 2015/2016 annual Brazil fresh oranges and frozen concentrated orange juice production, the domestic market consumption and foreign trade etc. other aspects of the forecast report.

First look at the situation of fresh oranges:

It is expected that the Brazil citrus crops output annual forecast to reach forty-one million box (40.8 kg per box) in 2015/2016. Because the fruit crop forecast to increase, and the processing of citrus increased, the total frozen concentrated orange juice is expected to reach 1 million 90 thousand tons, increase of 12% compared with last year. 

Only the citrus crop forecast to reach twenty-nine million boxes in St Paul's 2015/2016, an increase of 2% compared with the previous year. Because of the adequate rainfall in the local 8 and 9 months in 2015, citrus trees grow healthily, but by October, extreme dry weather has a significant impact on crops, a large number of fruit crops drop out in the northern part of the northern region, resulting in loss of output, but the rainfall over the average number of the whole year after 11,12 month. Brazil citrus cultural protection fund Fundecitrus forecast, due to the sufficient rainfall, the fruit will be greater.

Market consumption:

The year of 2015/2016, Brazil's domestic oranges consumption is thirteen million and five hundred thousand box, increase 5 million over the previous year.The data includes the consumption of the domestic market and loss due to picking, natural drop, transportation and packaging. But the output processing into concentrated juice for export has not been calculated.

International trade:

In 2015/2016, the total export of fresh oranges is expected to reach 500 thousand boxes, the export almost in the harvest season of oranges, that is from June to December, Brazil's exports of fresh oranges are Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Denmark, etc..

And look at the situation of frozen concentrated orange juice:

According to the report, due to the high yield of processed fruit, the output of Brazil frozen concentrated orange juice production will reach 1 million 90 thousand tonnes in 2015/2016, compared to the previous year's growth of 12%. only in St Paul processed oranges reaches the twenty-five million and four hundred thousand boxes. And other states achieve the processing of 20 million boxes.

Market consumption:

Domestic consumption of Brazil frozen concentrated orange juice is expected to reach 35000 metric tons in 2015/2016. Many production companies change the production of beverages to produce more orange flavor beverages such as orange soda and fruit juices. But the downturn economy of Brazil also resulted in a reduction in demand for frozen concentrated orange juice.

International trade:

Data shows that the export volume of frozen concentrated orange juice in Brazil will reach 1.04 metric tons in the year of 2015/2016, and basically same with the last year. In the last year, due to export of the United States production decline, the overall export volume decreased by 10% compared with 2013/2014.

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