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Selection Techniques of Fruit Jam

Time:2016-02-25 15:13

Remember to look at the ingredients list when selectiing fruit jam, the simpler raw materials, the better. Adding a  bit of citric acid and pectin is acceptable, but it is better no essence, pigment and antiseptic etc. ingredients.

The greater the proportion of fruit components, the more valuable natural products. Some jam products are very smart, mixed with different fruit into a jam, and make up for the lack of a single fruit, such as the glue is too small, or sugar is not enough or acidity is too large, and so on.

For ingredients, the fruit which is rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and minerals have the best value for the nutrition to make fruit jam. Shch as the blueberry jam is naturally the best choice, the quality of Hawthorn jam and strawberry jam is also outstanding.

While we don't expect jam to provide vitamin C, nor do we expect it to have low sugar, low energy, but it's pectin, minerals and fiber is still in. Some antioxidants such as flavonoids, anthocyanins are also in, it is much healthy than eatting sweets and cake. There are rich in pectin and flavonoidsor in orange peel and pomelo peel, so we can not say that this type of jelly is nothing right.

For the feeling of taste, it has natural color, with a sense of semi transparent,with the feature of fruit aroma and taste, soft texture elastic, the state between freezing and viscous fluid. The fruit jam which easy to smear is a good kind of jam. Completely cryostasis, aroma inadequate, the taste is not good, it has a very poor quality.

Low sugar jam lost a large amount of sugar protection, it is easy to grow bacteria, so had to add preservatives. Can add xylosic alcohol instead of sugar in sugar-free jam, if add enough, also have antiseptic effect. However, the cost will be very high, at the same time, the sugar alcohols have laxative effects, this may cause diarrhea questions.


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