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Non Dairy Creamer PK Fresh Milk

Time:2016-01-19 13:21

Milktea can be divided into two in many tea beverage stores, milktea with non dairy creamer and milktea with fresh milk. The tea taste is relatively heavy in milktea with non dairy creamer. The milk taste is sour in milktea with fresh milk. But for the milktea you drinking, not only the taste is different, but the nutrition is also different.

The taste will much different if add different milk. What is the difference? We take fresh milk non dairy creamer and liquid non dairy creamer, tune into milk tea, let people have a try.

People: I think it (add milk) is mellow, and there is milk. I might love this two feeling, this (add fresh milk) easy to feel tired.

Generally speaking, the taste with fresh milk has heavy milk flavor. The  tea flavor with non dairy creamer is prominent, they each has lovers.

The tea industry: because OL or office workers, they will use fresh milk to make tea. And they think that would be good to drink. The student groups will pay more attention to the strong flavor, so they want to milk tea adding with non dairy creamer.

For the shops, milk tea with non dairy creamer or fresh tea, they are different commodities, and the proportion should be adjusted. Milk tea with non dairy creamer tuned by black tea, but fresh milk should tuned by thick black tea, balancing the strong taste of milk, but the cost is different.

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