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Healthy Non Dairy Creamer Produced by Jiahe

Time:2016-02-25 15:11

Plant non dairy creamer and plant oil powder all are called non dairy creamer. Not the ordinary "skimmed milk powder " or "fat free milk powder" that known by taiwan consumer. Many manufacturers in their sale specially emphasis they only use milk powder,but from the commodity mark on the above we can find the problem, do not deceive or mislead consumers, consumers have the right to know about the food raw materials, this is one of the principles that boduo always stick.

Recently, there are many Southeast Asian countries imported coffee, instant drinks and special flavor coffee, namely instant beverage, ingredients marked "skimmed milk powder " or "fat free milk powder" instead of non dairy creamer in the Chinese standard, but in the English sign is written as non dairy creamer, why playing with words in taking great pains, so that consumers really think milk is put in.

If the raw materials are both good and healthy for consumers, it should be openly marked. In the drink with non dairy creamer, it is not bad, but it is the poor quality non dairy creamer or secondary non dairy creamer remixed after import which are bad. As long as the choice of raw materials is rigorous enough and attentively, can make instant drink health and have good taste. Non dairy creamer selected by Jiahe comes from Singapore, refining by palm oil, zero trans fat, low in saturated fat, no fragrance ingredients. Food law in Singapore has been the leading among the countries, commodity inspection is relative stringent in export. As for the origin of fragrant milk, absolutely not use spices, Jiahe selected pure skimmed milk powder imported from New Zealand, retain the natural milk aroma and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Jiahe adhere to the principle that a drink must balance the good taste and health, with the two prerequisites,when you drink, you can feel the natural pure beautiful, this is the Jiahe effort.

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