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Popping Boba-The Food That Can Spray Juice

Time:2016-02-25 15:10

Bubble milk tea is equal to the Coca-Cola in Taiwan , not to drink for a long time,you will miss it, especially the good taste of popping boba Q springy, always make people led up to a meaningful afterthoughts. It is not only popular in Taiwan but also was sold in mainland Kfc. The United States and other countries are rushing to open stores, Thailand appears hybrid wind that mix popping boba in the orange red Thai milktea. Bubble milk tea is the national treasure that Taiwan drunk, launched 20 years later, booming appeared!

A white shiny and tight popping boba, just like a pearl, the explosion of popping boba fruit juice has many flavor, mango, grape, cranberry and so on, out of the popping boba is extract by seaweed, fruit juice is inside. It is better to drink it, experience by yourselves.

Order a cup of popping boba of fresh fruit juice, gently suck, flexible and vigorous popping boba quickly enter your mouth with juice,press gently with the tongue by no pressure, slippery! A chain of explosion, naughty popping boba keeps spraying juice in the mouth , really fun. You are sure you can't wait to know what feeling to have a popping boba like.

Skin of popping boba is generally very thin like seaweed, smooth and elastic, do not need to use the teeth to bite, as long as the tongue press, spray juice immediately. white rice juice out of homeopathy, rushed to the taste buds feel sweet, sour and fragrant thick juice.

High plasticity and win good assessment by consumer,popping boba is still a rookie in the beverage,can popping boba beat bubble milktea and become the No.1? We will be waiting to see.

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