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Multi-flavor Popping Boba

Time:2016-02-25 15:10

Popping boba, who looks lovely, reads inexplicable sense of joy of the name, has successfully attracted a lot of people. At the moment when the popping boba finally into the mouth, all curious find the answer, small, mango yellow popping boba, similar to pearl in the pearl bubble tea, but it is different from the pearl of the soft waxy sweet, explosive and smooth Q shells of the skin wrapped thick mango juice inside, juice burst scattered in the mouth when it was crushed by tongue. People who love dessert now probably will feel to see heaven.

Sometimes, life is like popping boba, the phenomenon and the essence are across very far away. And Lao Zi said that luck and misfortune comes in turn. Agam's mother," life is like a box of chocolate, you never know the taste what the next one is. Care about the presentation of society and interpersonal relation,or the contents and nature hidden inside. With the high development of science and technology productivity of the moment, showing a diversity of culture, some people called social lustrous and dazzling, but immerse them unable to extricate themselves.

Life is like a box dessert plate full of popping boba, all tastes of popping boba can taste, sweet, spicy, choking the mouth to eat, although the taste is different, the overall feeling is very enjoyable.

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