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Prospect Analysis of Bubble Tea

Time:2016-02-25 15:09

U.S. Department of Commerce statistics show that: success rate of the independent shop owner is less than 20%, while the success rate of chain stores is higher than 90%, experts predict: Western style fast food will be one of the most popular industry in twenty-first Century.

Western style fast food catering industry occupied the proportion of 35% in the United States, Europe 30%, Japan 20%, Hongkong 10%, while in China, even in Guangzhou, Shanghai, this proportion is only 5%.

Domestic Trade Bureau said that: with the continuous development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the rhythm of life continues to accelerate, the western style fast food will be in much greater demand. According to conservative estimates, China's Western fast-food annual increasing more than 20%.

In 95% of China's small and medium-sized cities, Western fast food industry is a piece of blank, and there are only then several in big cities, their business is booming can be described as crazy.

Western style fast food is in the first in Hongkong, Taiwan top ten hot ranking list.

Economic benefits of operators is closely related with the putting place, so the putting place should try to move in close to parks, universities, bustling streets, commercial areas, such as where have much people, in order to ensure the sales of bubble tea.

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