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Two Ways of Making Milktea Using Fruit Flavor Powder

Time:2016-02-25 15:08

Many customers do not know that you can also use fruit powder to make milk tea, in fact, we can do it,and there are two applications of  fruit flavor powder.

Add fruit flavor powder in milk tea, the methods are following:

Materials: tea bag backing material, fruit flavor powder, non dairy creamer, sugar, ice cube, pure water.

Making method:

At the first, brewing tea and make it with backing material (tea can use Black Tea packets, Green Tea package) and the tea making method is the same tea with usual method.

Add 15G-20G fruit powder, 33G non dairy creamer in the cup of 3600cc, 20G white sugar, add 150G water and thaw fruit flavor powder out and then add hot water, hot fruit flavor milk tea can be drunk. And ice fruit flavor milk tea can be drunk after adding 150G ice.

Add non dairy creamer, sugar in fruit flavor powder and without tea, the method is following:

Material: fruit flavor powder, non dairy creamer, sugar, ice cube.

Making method:

Add 20G fruit flavor powder in a cup, 20G non dairy creamer, 20G white sugar 20G (360CC/ cup as the standard, if the more large cup will increase the amount of fruit flavor powder, non dairy creamer, white sugar)

Add hot water to the cup of 60% of the cup. Thaw backing material out bottom material, and then add ice cube to the cup to 90%, shake the cup.

Matters needing attention:

Fruit flavor, milk flavor, sweet flavor(sugar amount) can be add according to local tastes, especially sweet, if too light will affect the fruit flavor.

Effect of adding amount of non dairy creamer is very large, the amount of non dairy creamer is 20G, it is better that the the amount of in taro, chocolate, coffee, red bean, mung bean is 25G.

The use amount of non dairy creamer in fruit flavor powder in fruit class is 15G-18G,the amount of non dairy creamer taro, chocolate, coffee creamer dosage is 20G.

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