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Market Size of Russian Coffee and Tea Increase

Time:2016-02-25 15:07

Russian web site reports, marketing agencies for Russian tea and coffee market research shows that the Russian coffee market scale increase 5% in 2014 , the tea market growth 2%.

Russian coffee production fell by 4.9% 2014 , while the tea production increased by 3%.

First quarter of 2015, Russian natural coffee (coffee powder and coffee beans) consumer prices increase from  669 rupees to 777 rupees per kilogram, up 16.1% by the fourth quarter of 2014 .

The first quarter of 2015, the Russian Black Tea Baekho consumer prices increase from 571 to 666 rupees per kilogram, up 16.6%.

Can not give accurate prediction for development of Russian coffee and tea market: This is because Russia's economic difficulties and the uncertainty of the future development of the market, however, it can be confirmed that the market will not be a big change.

Experts predict: due to the high concentration of market businesses in 2015, coffee and tea consumption will have a slight change; due to the consumer turn more expensive high-end products to cheaper alternatives, the market price will fall sharply.

The further development of the Russian tea and coffee market is highly dependend on how the country can quickly respond to the emotional mood  which impact the future consumer activities.

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