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Add Syrup in Cup, New Idea for Coffee

Time:2016-02-25 15:05

Add syrup in the coffee, do you know what taste that it is? It sounds very fresh,  you can taste the wonderful taste in boduo coffee shop.

In addition the environment, the sign of the boduo coffee shop is coffee, because coffee beans are fresh and is roasted in overseas. Careful modulation of the "blue ocean" and "king of the wind" is the two main classic coffee pushed in the shop. Add espresso coffee in milk and refined cappuccino, also add imported blue hesperidium syrup, elegant fragrance,pure and fresh taste, like a fresh blue ocean.

There are also delicious roast chicken wings and sandwiches. Provide English magazine, wireless, also recorded the world's major classic events, movies and other entertainment programs for your. In addition, two floor of the coffee shop specifically to set up a meeting space, suitable for small business meetings about ten.

Hangzhou Jiahe Food Co., Ltd. is a part of Hangzhou Boduo Industrial Co., Ltd. As an important Boduo family member, Hangzhou Jiahe is taking charge of all the exporting and abroad business. Hangzhou Boduo was established in 2008. The company owns an individual research team, which organized by 50 professors. Three established Manufacturing center separately covers: Non dairy creamer, Popping boba, Solid Beverage 3 mainly products line. In 2014, in order to meet the abroad market requirement, Boduo constructed another plant for Non dairy creamer. The plant takes up 37,000 square meters and is estimated to be finished in the end of 2015. In that way, the capability of Non dairy creamer for Boduo can be more than 100,000 tons per year.

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