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Boduo Create the Wealth for Milk Tea Industry

Time:2016-02-25 15:03

In terms of the current market of the milk tea industry, opening a milk tea beverage shop is the dream of most young people, because they know that the young people's consumption patterns in current year, and health and fashion are the new life forms that young people pursued. The appearance of beverage shop can meet their interpretation and reflection of life in a certain extent.

Although milk tea drinks shop has been around the streets, but the milk tea market is still a great development prospects. Popular tea shops, milk tea raw material is the key. Now the tea raw materials of tea shop basically have concentrated juice, fruit juice powder, fruit jam,popping boba and so on. In addition, the original milktea powder, cappuccino coffee powder, espresso Cafe Latte flavor powder, pudding, double skin milk, special green tea powder, cocoa powder etc. powder milk tea raw materials. At present, the largest producer and supplier is boduo. As the largest manufacturer of milk tea ingredient industry, at present, sales network of Hangzhou Boduo has been all over China and become the most completed industrial chain among Bubble Tea line, it is the integrated enterprise with the ability of production, sales, services and consumption of Bubble tea raw material. Products are exported to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Jordan, Britain, Philippines, Italy and so on.

Hangzhou Jiahe food Co., Ltd is specialized in non dairy creamer, coffee powder, fruit concentrated juice, fruit jam, popping boba, syrup and other bubble tea ingredients. All our products are ISO and QS approved, with good quality and competitive price. We have more than 2000 bubble tea chainstores. We are pleased to add you to our list of clients and looking forward to your enquiries. Kindly contact us if any questions.More information about boduo:


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