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Why We Add Non Dairy Creamer When Drinking Coffee

Time:2016-02-25 15:03

Everyone knows that non dairy creamer is the best coffee mate, a lot of people drink coffee with non dairy creamer, and did not know whether this habit is healthy. Now hangzhou jiahe will reveal the secret between non dairy creamer and the coffee.

Non dairy creamer is a spice, the main ingredient is water, vegetable oil, skim milk, and contains protein and trace minerals and vitamin. Suitable for collocation with all kinds of coffee, black tea drinking or added to the coffee jelly, tea jelly, red bean soup, corn soup and other desserts drinks, make food more rich and delicious.

Special flavor formula of non dairy creamer can reconcile the acidity, bitter taste, enhance the smooth taste of coffee, reach the perfect combination of texture,taste and acidity, merging into the excellent flavor of soft and mellow. Office worker often drink coffee, if not love bitter or afraid to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, can add appropriate amount of non dairy creamer, not only can let the coffee rich mellow, but also can reduce gastrointestinal stimulation of coffee.

Whether non dairy creamer is healthy?

Non dairy creamer does not contain trans fatty acids and preservatives, each heat only 26 calories, adult daily calorie intake is 1500-2000 calories, a bowl of 150 grams of rice is about 174 kcal. Therefore,selection of non dairy creamer not only do not have to worry about health problems but also don't have to worry about getting too much heat.

A cup of latte heat is about 166 calories, a cup of Cafe Americano plus non dairy creamer calories is 37 calories, the calories of non dairy creamer is not 1/4 of the latte. For people who drinking coffee every day, but worried that excessive intake of calories, drink Cafe Americano plus non dairy creamer is a good choice.

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