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Difference Between Milktea Powder and Fruit Flavor Powder

Time:2016-02-25 15:02

Milk tea powder can be understood as 3 in 1 milk tea powder, adding water as certain proportion in direct and mixing with water, a cup of milk tea is coming. Fruit flavor powder is aromatic flavor,good solubility,no sediment and has pure mouthfeel and obivous feature.There is no mix odor. Fruit flavor is adding the fruity flavor,and adding in the tea to create "melon" ,"strawberry" and other flavors of milk tea.

The main material of milk tea powder is: sugar, cream, tea powder, fruit juice powder, can be directly flush, without the preparation, can be drunk as long as adding water as certain proportion. There are dozens of flavors to choose from the market.

The advantange of milk tea powder is simple and convenient. You can flush as you use and no waste. The fruit juice powder is a milk tea ingredients, you can concoct many kinds of flavors by fruit flavor powder.

Fruit flavor powder is more popular now, cost is not much difference. But be sure to choose a good fruit flavor powder.In the production line of powder,Boduo use the package and slow release technology,and add natural elements and kinds of vitamin in our fruit flavor powder. And the product is one of the best sales fruit powder in home.


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