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Teach You To Do Three-color Fruit Juice Powder Bread

Time:2016-02-25 15:00

You may see the three-color fruit juice powder bread online is very attractive, do you like to do it by yourself? Let me teach you to do it.

Sunday morning, put the ingredients into the bread machine to knead dough and fermentation to the surface become soft.

Put the eggs, milk, coconut milk, unsalted butter on the bottom, and then put in the salt, sugar, and then the milk powder, high gluten flour. Finally, digging a concave in the middle, put into the yeast. Start the bread dough kneading process, takes 30 minutes.

After the kneading process, starting of the fermentation process of the bread maker, takes 90 minutes.

The dough were divided into 3 parts, two of them were added to the blueberry fruit juice powder and strawberry fruit juice powder.

Soft and smooth. Knead the dough for 15 minutes.

After the exhaust, knead the dough into strips.

Braid the dough as plait.

In a toast box, select the ermentation function, having ermentation again.

When the dough fermentation to 8 point, brush milk in the surface of the  dough, close the lid.

Turn the temperature of oven about 150 degrees, bake for 40 minutes.

After baking, release the mold , and then can be eaten by slices.


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