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Canada Food Recommended: Maple Syrup

Time:2015-11-19 11:06

Maple syrup is a very popular delicious specialty in Canada, now, it can can be seen everywhere in the world now.There are many trees that producing maple syrup in Canada, and the juice is very fragrant and sweet here, it is completely natural and very mellow, the taste is very delicious, and also makes it difficult to forget. This juice that acquisited by more than 40 yeaes sugar maple are very precious. The average of 40 liters maple pulp can only extract 1 liters maple syrup.  

The flavor of maple syrup is mellow and pure natural products, also good for beauty and can lose weight, welcome by general public.

Those sticky amber coloured maple is made and cooked from the sap of maple every spring. Can also make sugar or sweets. Supermarkets and gift shops are a collection of many large bottle vials of maple syrup. It can be put on the bread or black tea when eating. It's very convenient for people who are cooking and camping. It also be put in a nice dish in some stores,customers can buy it as gift to friends and relatives, is definitely a gift to share.

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