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How to Prolong the Shelflife of Strawberry Jam

Time:2015-11-18 14:15

Strawberry with the characteristic of soft, sweet and juicy, rich nutrition and so on, well received by consumers, sold throughout China even all over the world. The development of strawberry production can improve the agricultural income, increase the income of farmers, and also can provide the general public nutritious and delicious fruit.

Strawberry as a raw material can be processed into a variety of foods, such as strawberry jam, strawberry juice, strawberry milk, strawberry cake,

strawberry bread etc.,of which, strawberry jam is the food that widely used, can be directly eaten used as a table food, and can also be used as raw material for food processing, but if the processing conditions are poor, strawberry jam will suffer from microbial contamination,shortening shelf life of strawberry jam.

The reasons that lead to strawberry jam microbe exceed are many,such as poor workshop environment, bad protection of workers health, cross-contamination between raw and cooked food in the production process, packaging containers are not strictly disinfected.

Following are key points of strawberry jam production operation:

Select the strawberry of normal appearance, full, no pests and good maturity as raw materials in processing.

Remove the strawberry leaves, pedicel and other objects, clean the strawberry.

Put strawberry into the beater,become strawberry pulp.

Put strawberry pulp, white sugar and citric acid together into  interlayer of clean stainless steel cooking pot,inlet high temperature steam to the interlayer of jacketed kettle, began to boil.

In the process of boiling jam, should keep stirring, so as to avoid the blocking of the material because of the uneven heat, affecting the flavor, nutrition and health effects of the product.

When material boiled thick, stop heating, and then add the natural food preservative, stirring evenly.

The strawberry jam material will be cooked in a hot glass bottle, quickly sealed,can also use the plastic bottles that resistant to elevated temperature to contain strawberry jam. Bottling in hot can reduce microbial contamination, discharge the oxygen in the bottle.

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