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The Main Raw Materials Introduction of Milk Tea

Time:2015-11-17 16:16

For entrepreneurs who open a milk tea shop, not only should be able to make a drinkable milk tea, but also should understood theoretical knowledge about milk tea. Only in this way can you really say that you are a master in making milk tea.

Below we will learn some commonly raw materials used in the production of milk tea:

Fruit powder: Also known as fruit flavor powder. It is made of pure fruit, treated by high-tech, press -- concentrated -- dry, finally get pure fruit powder. Fruit powder is essential raw material to modulate different flavor drinks.

How to distinguish the quality of fruit powder: fine powder is relatively low content of essence, have natural flavor and pure creamer.

Scope of application: fruit flavor milk tea.

Non dairy creamer: Also known as coffee mate,take refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and a variety of food as raw material, come after mixing, emulsification, sterilization, spray drying, it has a good dispersion, water solubility,stability, can be used in a variety of foods and can improve the nutritive value and calorific value, improve the solubility and soakage, improve mouth feel, make the product more delicious.

Distinguish the quality of coffee mate: good coffee mate generally have light flavor when it is powder, milk taste is rich. Without impurities when dissolved in water. Bad coffee mate have the thick flavor when it is the powder, because it containing high volume essence.

Jam: it is a gel substance boiled in more than 100 degrees mixed by  fruit, sugar and acidity regulator, also called fruit jam.

Fruit coffee powder: take coffee powder as main material, has strong coffee taste.


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