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How to Distinguish the Quality of Non-dariy Creamer

Time:2015-11-16 18:05

Non-dariy creamer is one of essential raw material for making milk tea in the tea shop, however, how to distinguish the quality non-dariy creamer or inferior non-dariy creamer?

To distinguish good or bad of non-dariy creamer, at the first to see the color, cream color. Generally speaking, white color of cream is better, can be a little yellow, but should not too serious, otherwise affect the color of milk tea. Secondly,simple distinction from the smell,the quality non-dariy creamer smells no pungent taste.

Besides, to distinguish from the taste. thaw out the non-dariy creamer with clean water and, with no other things, and then try to drink,quality non-dariy creamer are smoothful and oil flavor are not strong, otherwise will be inferior non-dariy creamer. This is the important way to distinguish the good or bad of the non-dariy creamer.Because for the bad taste of non-dariy creamer, we can not make good milk tea no matter how the physicochemical index are good, so the taste is the final key, the others can be qualified.

You can also identify the quality of non-dariy creamer from these aspects:

Whitening: the whiter the better, after adding the coffee.

Smoothness increase: the more slippery the better after the addition.

Thickening: The thicker the better after the addition.

Humidity: the lower the better, 3%.

Live bacteria number: the lower the better <50000/g

Solubility: dissolve into the water as fast as possible.

Stability: soluble in water after separation, no oil, no precipitation.

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