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Can We Make Drinkable Milktea Without Non-Dairy Creamer

Time:2015-11-16 17:49

Can we make drinkable milktea without non dairy creamer? The answer is no,at least can't now.

At present, not only post-mixed milktea made by the big or small tea shop but also bottled milk tea or tea bags sold by supermarkets,there is a a kind of raw material in ingredients: non dairy creamer (that is, we often callit coffee mate). Non dairy creamer is not milk and it is a kind of vegetable oil fat, used to add to beverages, improve the taste of food. Compared with milk and other milk, the nutritional value of non dairy creamer naturally can not match, its main role is to improve the taste.

The main role of non dairy creamer is to improve the taste of milktea, but can we make drinkable milktea using milk instead of non dairy creamer now?The answer is no,at least can't now. We can make drinkable milktea without non dairy creamer,Pay particular attention to health, can be mixed with milk and non dairy creamer in making milktea.

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