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Efficacy and Function of Blueberry Powder

Time:2015-11-16 17:48

A lot of people are very strange to the efficacy and function of blueberry juice powder, although they know that blueberry has a strong efficacy of health protection, but what efficacy or function that the blueberry powder after processing will have?

Blueberry powder is processed by wild bluebrry, without any additives and preservatives, blueberry powder is pure natural green food.The efficacy and function of blueberry powder can catch up with the blueberry itself.

Blueberry contains a large number of physiological active substances, known as "the first antioxidant", can protect cells,avoid the destruction of peroxide, it has the function of preventing the disorder, improving the short-term memory and improving the balance and coordination of the old people. Health food that alleviated visual fatigue usually uses blueberry products, it can significantly enhance the vision, eliminate eye fatigue,delay the aging of the brain and increase the function of the microangiopathy disease caused by diabetes.

Blueberries can delay memory decline and prevent heart disease, so it is considered as a super fruit.Health news reports that the latest research has also added reputation to the blueberry, eating blueberries or drinking blueberry juice can help prevent occurrence of colon cancer.

The study found that, blueberries can play this role because it contains a natural compound called pterostilbene, which helps prevent damage to the body in early cancer. Pterostilbene is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent,exist in both blueberry and blackberry .

Blueberry juice powder and collagen peptide can modulate a cup of beauty drinks that suitble for all seasons, supplying collagen peptide and at the same time with good nutrition and health effects,recoverying skin elasticity, slowing skin aging.

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