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Price of USA Concentrated Grapefruit Juice Rose 30%

Time:2015-11-16 17:47

Major grapefruit production areas in U.S. include Florida (the total share of 55%), California (20%) and Arizona. However, in the past 10 to 20 years grapefruit production met some challenges, because since the 1994 eruption of the citrus canker, Florida citrus trees appeared some larger problems.

Not only that, citrus fruits are also affected by the Yellow Dragon disease, can not grow mature. Because there is no effective treatment, and fruit trees can not see the disease in a few years, so the United States has to take emergency measures to cut down infected fruit trees to prevent the spread of disease.

As a result, the output of grapefruit is decreased year by year, thus affecting the grapefruit concentrated juice production, its price also corresponding rose.In the year of 2014 and 2015, because the fruit was decreased, the orchard area reduced, grapefruit production also corresponding reduce.Corresponding, the supply of raw fruit decrease 14% the same period than last year. Because of the stable demand, a large part of the grapefruit were sent to the fresh market, and less fruit of raw material supply resulting in concentrated juice prices increase rose nearly 30% since the beginning of the year of 2015 .

Price of grapefruit concentrated juice are likely to remain high in the coming year, but the industry also looking at ways to adapt to the challenges encountered a few years ago. In addition, grapefruit juice manufacturers not only to compete with orange juice manufacturers, but also more soft drinks manufacturers in the market. And they also snatch market share from more drinks business, so they may save power by liquidation.

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