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Argentina:Concentrated Juice Exports Seriouly Discreased

Time:2015-11-16 17:47

Influenced by global especially Brazil Economic Crisis,the export volume of concentrated fruit juice is only 22230 tons by the end of September this year. The value decreased by 14% with the same period last year, is the lowest in 30 years. Compared with the 50000 tons of export volume in 2011 the same period,the difference is very far. 

A fruit juice industry in Argentina told, the crisis that fruit industry facing has a big import for this important industry. And many businessmen also thought the crisis has a very serious import.

In 2003, the fruit juice industry mainly has 12 companies, they exported 90000 tons of concentrated pear juice and apple juice. And the data shows that the there are only 4 companies were able to export their products this year.It means that the crisis has led to the closure of 8 companies, more than 250 people lost their jobs, and concentrated juice exports dropped by nearly70%.

The output of 90% will be exported to foreign countries in Argentina fruit juice industry. Since 2007, fruit juice export prices have begun to go downhill, but the cost is increasing.

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