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How to Win by Surprise in Autumn and Winter

Time:2015-11-06 10:16

Fade the heat, cool autumn wind, mixed with a few rain, autumn footsteps getting closer. Often in this time, the bubble tea store operators will start thinking about how to make their new ideas win by surprise in the autumn and winter season, to win the profits and reputation of a win-win. A lot of ideas, and there are many problems, how to do it on earth? Let's discuss it together:

Upgrade the seasonal menu

Most of the bubble tea store will offer new seasonal products and series of products as flagship products in season according to the formulation of the specialty and regional tastes in season turning, in order to attract consumers eyes, and achieve the innovation profit.

Add the health elements

In autumn and winter, the weather turns cool, dry climate, at this time, add a number of health preserving elements in the product of the bubble tea store will make the whole store product line add a new bright spot.Red bean can warm you and nourish your blood, grains can invigorate stomach and promote bower movements, stomach bowel, tea for invigorating the spleen, delicious and healthy combined, naturally obtain much many customers' love and favor.

Varieties of marketing methods

Many operators will face a common problem sometimes and that is bending on trying to sell their products, but suffer from having no effective way, and don't know where to start. In fact, the most common way of promotion is nothing more than buying two for the price of one,second cup half price and so on in the bubble tea store. But in such a simple way, collocation of time and product is most important. For example, you can mainly push the flagship products and new products for timely promotion activities in school season, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, both to win over the old customers and attract new customers.

Changing the store environment

A storefront has a good internal environment and the unique decoration style is enough to allow customers to indulge in pleasures without stop. Now, a lot of bubble tea store carry out expansion and renovation in accordance with their operating conditions, doing their best to giving the customer comfort and warm feeling. Decorating the unique style is good, but use some plants, wallpaper, small objects can also create a simple, comfortable, warm dining environment, giving customers a feeling of backing home.

So in this new changable world, bubble tea store should also strengthen the store management and product updates timely, only grasp the opportunity and skills in each season and season turning, can win by surprise.

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