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Some Things You Need to Know When Making Instant Coffee

Time:2015-11-16 17:44

For Coffee fans, if you don't have time to get freshly ground coffee, a cup of instant coffee is also a good choice.

With a little skill, can help you easily make high-end taste when have coffee.

The water temperature is between 80 and -90.

The water temperature in 80 -90 is the most suitable, the temperature is too high, the coffee flavor will become more bitter; the temperature is too low, the coffee will be more acid.If you can not grasp the temperature, cool then the water for 5 minutes after boiling.

Put it to microwave oven for double turn with low temperature.

Having used hot water in making coffee, why do you want to heat it? because the microwave oven can make the coffee powder molecules more active, drink more savoury and mellow.

Remember one point, microwave oven choose low temperature heating, double turns is good, or coffee will be boiled, affecting the taste.

Firstly add a little hot water dissolved and then continue to add water.

Add hot water fast and hot, until the water filled cup, but found that there are some coffee not dissolved. To avoid this awkward is the best method to add a little hot water dissolved, and then continue to fill the hot water.

Seize the golden ratio

The golden ratio is adding 150 ml of hot water per 1 teaspoon of coffee powder, of course, people who like the lighter taste or richer taste can ignore this.

Small fire for 30 seconds

Fried coffee with a small fire for 30 seconds, this way belongs to the high-end approach absolutely and can improve the aroma and concentration of coffee powder, but remember not to fry for too long.

Choose larger coffee particles

Small particles of coffee powder, burnt smell is relatively large, and the aroma is not easy to save. The quality of larger coffee powder particles is much better,you will found that in the supermarket.

Add a little salt or milk sugar

Add a little salt in the coffee can counterbalance the acidity of coffee,and make the taste better. Add caramel or cotton candy can make the taste of coffee is full of sense of hierarchy.

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